About Freddie & Patricia Russell

Elder Care Advisors Freddie and Patricia Russell

Elder Care Advisors Freddie and Patricia Russell, Native Washingtonians, reside in Maryland with daughters, Monet, Octavia, and Abby. They have a blended family of 13 children, 8 grandchildren, one Rottweiler “Zorro”, and a Toy Poodle “Champ”.

Freddie is a 19 year U.S. Army decorated Combat Veteran. He has over 27 years of nursing experience with a Master’s degree in Nurse Executive.

Patricia earned her B.S.N. degree in nursing and Masters of Jurisprudence in Health Law. She also has over 22 years of combined experience as a Director of Nursing in Long Term Care and Nursing Administration with an assorted background knowledge in State, and Federal regulations.

Freddie and Patricia plan to share their passion to serve the elderly community. With their combined healthcare experience and knowledge focusing on elder care services; Assisted Living Locators was the ideal opportunity they were seeking. Both are excited about operating several Assisted Living Locator franchises in the Washington, DC and Maryland areas.